What to Do and Not Do Before Listing Your Mobile Home

What to Do and Not Do Before Listing Your Mobile Home

What Needs to be Done Before Listing Your Mobile Home For Sale?

If you are planning on selling your Mobile home—perhaps as early as this spring—you’ve already begun to give thought to getting it in shape for photography and showings. Some of the most obvious projects will be the most important (cleaning and de-cluttering are among those). You might tackle some of the areas that will require deep cleaning early on, but for the most part, those activities can be scheduled closer to launch: the day when your agent posts your Mobile listing.

On the other hand, there are some projects you can think about tackling right away. Depending on your own DIY enthusiasm, time availability, and the degree of rehabilitation each area needs, your first decision will be whether to call upon one of Mobile’s professionals or to handle the task yourself. That’s a decision that shouldn’t be overly influenced by your own personal pride of ownership. It’s only natural to want to take pride in the property you are about to show off to the world—but resist the temptation to start making major renovations right before selling your home.

Since selling your home is first and foremost a business transaction, make a cool assessment on that score. The business equation is satisfied when you refrain from making improvements that won’t return all—or at least a significant portion—of their expense. Here are 3 easy improvements to help sell your home.

Although every home is unique, some of the areas where meaningful but cost-effective improvements can often be made are:

  • Kitchen and Bath Hardware (clean or upgrade)
  • Entryway Enhancements
  • Window Treatments (clean or replace)
  • Interior Paint (accent or whole room)
  • Floor Restoration
  • Landscape Improvements

For projects where the pros will be needed, there’s no reason to put off calling them in for a bid—and sooner rather than later. The best ones (you ask me for recommendations) are often booked well in advance, especially as springtime nears.

For the areas which can be comfortably handled yourself, one piece of advice that’s easy to agree with is about scheduling. Plan on spacing the projects out over the time available rather than waiting until the last minute to tackle them all at once. That not only prevents a maddening log jam in your schedule—it also accommodates the reality that superior results for some projects can only be achieved in stages.

When you tap me to help with selling your Mobile home, that becomes my major focus, every step of the way, from planning to closing. I hope you’ll give me a call for a no-obligation consultation on how we can achieve the results you’re hoping for! 

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