The Super Bowl and Mobile Real Estate’s Top 7 Parallels

The Super Bowl and Mobile Real Estate's Top 7 Parallels

Top 7 Things that Tie Mobile Real Estate to the Super Bowl

Readers who check in here regularly know that every once in a while I’m moved to relate Mobile real estate matters to various hot issues that are claiming the popular imagination. Such topics used to be called “water cooler talk” (but that was before we all started carrying water bottles around all day). So despite the fact that we may not gather around water coolers anymore, this the odds are that the leading topic of conversation won’t be the State of the Union or Mobile high school basketball. I’m guessing that (especially as the weekend nears) that other topic will rule.

So, it’s all but inevitable—here are the Top 7 Things that Mobile real estate and the Super Bowl have in common:

  1. Both are Sunday-centric. Mobile real estate and the Super Bowl make Sunday a major activity day (at least when the weather is nice).
  2. Both do better when their ads are top-notch. The best Super Bowl ads will be replayed on Monday night news shows, but although our best Mobile real estate ads won’t get that kind of attention, eye-catching ads are a plus for both.
  3. Both rely on heads-up plays by Special Teams. Your Mobile Realtor® is the captain of the specialists needed to make a sale happen.
  4. Both rely on marketing to draw a crowd.
  5. Both have a definite banking connection (Sunday’s venue is U.S. Bank Stadium).
  6. Both are (mostly) free to enjoy. Open houses and showings are free to the public—only in Minneapolis will admission be charged (and what a charge!).
  7. Both are judged to be first rate when fumbles don’t happen.

Now you may be thinking that my Top 7 Things list is offered for no other reason than to try to get Super Bowl fans thinking about Mobile real estate instead of the game itself. There may be an element of truth in that.

But by the time we’ve all been deluged by the onslaught of pregame hoopla, interviews, commentaries, predictions, mini-documentaries, player/coach profiles, etc., thinking about anything else may come as a welcome break. If that’s true for you, call me anytime to talk about your real estate plans! (Okay—maybe not during halftime).

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