How to Find a Professional Home Inspector in Alabama

How to Find a Professional Home Inspector in Alabama

Professional Inspection (Information for Buyers)

The Cummings Company strongly recommends that every Buyer have a professional inspection of the property they are buying.

For a list of Professional Inspectors, licensed with the State of Alabama Building Commission, go to their website:

Page down and click the last blue tab on the left of the home screen labeled homeinspection (click the image to follow here)

On the next page, click on Home Inspector’s Roster and type the name of your city in the box and click Search.

For a list of Professional Inspectors who are certified with the American Society of Home Inspectors, go to their website:

In the middle of the home screen, type the area code in the box and then click GO.

Typically, on an average size house, home inspections run between $250.00 and $300.00. Discuss charges for inspection services with whomever you contact.

Set the date of the inspection at least 3 days before your inspection contingency expires so the Inspector will have time to type up his report and get it to you, and you will have time to review.

Have the Home Inspector contract the Listing Agent, of the property you are buying, to arrange an appointment time with the Seller. The Seller or Listing agent will make arrangements for the Home Inspector to access the property for the inspection.

Make arrangements with the Inspector for payment (this is not paid at the closing).

Let the Inspector know where to send his report to you. Most will email their report so if you use email; give him your email address.

After reviewing your report, feel free to call or make an appointment to meet with the Inspector if you need clarification on his findings.

Get with your REALTOR before the inspection contingency expiration time on your contract, to remove the inspection contingency in writing, or if you choose to request the Seller make any repairs as per the inspection. According to your contract unless otherwise stated, the Seller is not required to make any repairs other than to have heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical in proper working order.

Remember: The purpose of the Home Inspection is to determine serious conditions or unanticipated expenditures you may not be aware of. If you are buying a pre-owned home, there will be a certain amount of wear and tear. Depending on the age, a pre-owned home may not be up to current building codes, and shouldn’t be expected to be.

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