Carmen Wilson

Carmen Wilson Mobile AL Real Estate Agent

Carmen Wilson REALTOR®

“Taking the time to listen to my clients’ wants and needs is paramount in finding them the perfect home!”  Carmen was born and raised in the Great State of Maine. There she learned the value of hard work, the importance of expressing gratitude and having respect for everyone she comes in contact with.  She cherishes those who she is lucky enough to call friends and family. She and her husband Con, who is retired U.S.A.F have four wonderful adult children who currently live in Colorado and Arizona. Carmen is a Graduate of American Military University, Communications Major and attended F.E.M.A Emergency Management Institute, Emergency and Disaster Management Program​.

​On a Personal note, she love​s to create art, is ​a mad scientist at heart and love​s​ to travel with ​her​husband and ​their​ little Chihuahua Lilli. Because of her ​free spirit and love of adventure, being a REALTOR ​is​ ​the​ perfect fit for ​her​.

​She​ thoroughly enjoy​s​ taking the time to get to know people and hearing the story of what brought them to where they are in life.

Armed with a little information, Carmen will provide you with exciting options to help you along your journey to becoming a home owner.

If you are thinking of selling your home and you are looking for a listing agent who is full of energy and has creative marking ideas, Carmen is the right agent for you.

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